How to turn your iPhone X into the original iPhone

How to turn your iPhone X into the original iPhone

The Apple iphone X is a attractive piece of hardware. It is two pieces of glass sandwiching a gorgeous stainless steel band that exudes premium. Regrettably, it only comes in two offered colours, Room Gray (which is just Black) and Silver, but that’s why skins exists. And the latest one from Slickwraps turns modern iPhones into the primary Apple iphone Steve Job’s declared more than a decade in the past.

Dubbed the Anniversary edition skin, it delivers the vintage two-tone glance of the primary Apple iphone. If you remember, the very first Apple iphone came with an aluminum shell with a plastic location at the base to property the antennas. This shipped the two-tone glance that has now turn into ubiquitous in Apple lore.

Slickwraps as nicely as other skin makers provide a broad array of optionst, be it leather-based, carbon fiber or matte finishes. But making use of the primary Apple iphone schematic is quite ingenious on Slickwraps’ aspect. It is super uncomplicated yet strikingly common.

Slickwraps is offering the Anniversary skin for the Apple iphone X, Apple iphone 8, Apple iphone seven, Apple iphone 6s, Apple iphone 6 and Apple iphone SE. That contains all of the As well as variants of people types. It is aimed immediately at an Apple fans’ nostalgia, and you know, it is doing the job. Those skins glance fantastic.

The Anniversary edition skins for the Apple iphone are now offered as a result of Slickwraps’ site for $24.99.

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