Lenovo Yoga 520-14IKB (i5-7200U, 256-GB SSD) Laptop Review

Lenovo Yoga 520-14IKB (i5-7200U, 256-GB SSD) Laptop Review


Lenovo is regarded for earning excellent keyboards. This standing arises specifically from the ThinkPad series, but also the IdeaPad and Yoga equipment typically present good keyboards. We can confirm this for the Yoga 520. The (two-stage) backlit keyboard features enough stroke (which can no for a longer period be taken for granted these days), and its force place is not great but continue to excellent ample for typing for a longer period texts. The keyboard may well give in a very little when pressed relatively more difficult, but for typical operating it is but adequately stable.

The style and design update for the 2017 IdeaPads and Yogas comprises a little alter in keyboard layout. The vertical arrow keys have been shrinked to half-size, in get to make area for the enlarged correct Shift essential. If this alteration will be welcome is typically a matter of flavor: It is dependent on irrespective of whether you often use the correct Shift essential or not. 


The Microsoft Precision-Touchpad mounted down below the keyboard is a ClickPad with built-in mouse keys and equipped with a plastic surface area. This is in reality not really as sleek as a glass surface area, but it continue to permits unimpeded gliding of the fingers. On the application aspect the Touchpad operates faultlessly and just about great, as a single can hope from a Microsoft Precision-Touchpad. No floor for critique arises from the mechanics of the ClickPad, which permits for crisp and relatively mild clicks. Neither does the ClickPad slide wobble, which may well certainly take place with other notebooks.

Touchscreen and pen

Considering the fact that our take a look at unit is a Convertible Laptop, for certain the screen is a ten-place touchscreen. This a single operates flawless.

By no indicates conventional is the enclosure of a pen, which turns out to be an lively digitizer dependent on Wacom’s AES technological innovation. This black stylus sits comfortably in the hand and is equipped with two little built-in buttons, which albeit do not stick out pretty much, so that they are really tricky to press. The pen can not be stashed in the case of the unit. It is driven by an AAAA battery.

As a Wacom AES pen, the digitizer supports 2,048 amounts of force as properly as handwriting recognition. Both equally of them conduct properly, up to the edge of the screen it is feasible to draw correctly.

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