Offerup reviews : Offerup app more secure in virtual transactions Craigslist has gone

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Offerup app reviews

Everywhere you look today, nine out of ten people have their noses buried in their smart phones. The amount of time people spend on an app means a huge market share for that app. Take Snapchat, for instance. For an app that’s only been launched for a couple years, it has 158 million daily users and 301 monthly users. Instagram claims 600 million. WhatsApp gets one thousand million users each month. Facebook is a gimme; we won’t even bother with that one.

Offer up vs craigslist

Offer up vs craigslistOne app you won’t find people’s noses buried in is Craigslist. It’s a great website with tons of information, but it doesn’t do very well in the mobile arena. That’s bad news for CL, because LetGo and OfferUp are taking that market share away from CL. LetGo so far has 45 million downloads. As of last September, the OfferUp app had 29 million downloads. What does all this mean for Craigslist? It means CL is losing market share.

What’s Holding Craigslist Back?

As an example, let’s say you want to sell a set of dishes. You will log in to your CL account, following all the pages to click through, and then you will type in your ad. It will then ask you for your location on a map. Then you will upload a picture of the dishes. Your email confirmation will happen next, and then you’re off and running. It took about 15 minutes to accomplish. You had to do all this on your desktop.

Most people don’t get on their desktops until they get home from work or on the weekends. Additionally, buyers must email sellers, who constantly have to eyeball their email accounts. This takes more time.

However, more people than ever are shopping on their mobile phones. Any business not maximized to mobile use is losing. Big.

What Makes OfferUp So Special?

It takes less than five minutes for a seller to post a picture, type in a few words of description, set a price and publish the item. Buyers directly message sellers with offers just like they would message someone on Messenger, set up a meeting time and place, and it’s done. It’s done locally, with filters the buyer can set to from five miles to thirty miles from their homes. Buyers can peruse the site in search of everything from OfferUp iPhones to a sofa to an OfferUp car. It’s at their fingertips, and it’s on their smart phones. Buyers can even use OfferUp espanol.

It’s also done securely, through a thing called TruYou. This is a picture uploaded in addition to the seller’s Facebook page being published. Buyers know that this person is real and not a fake. Faces tend to make people feel more secure in virtual transactions.

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Craigslist has gone through some bad times in the last few years, because it didn’t have any security measures in place.

A Word about OfferUp Safety

OfferUp app reviewsIt never fails. Someone has a great idea, puts it out for the public to use, and then someone figures out how to take advantage of people. Most times this happens with a gun in the face. So perhaps due to CL enduring so much trouble with safety issues, police and fire stations have now set up “safe lots” specifically for those selling items on social media. OfferUp, too, advises sellers to meet buyers in a well-lit public place:

l Always tell someone where you’ll be and at what time you’ll be there.

l Do not, repeat, do not bring small children or babies to the meet up. If someone pulls a gun on you, you don’t want your children to see that, nor to be unable to fend for themselves.

l It would be a good idea to have a buddy with you at the time of the meet up. A bouncer would be a good idea.

l For safety’s sake, please go to a police station, fire station, a mall or somewhere that has security guards patrolling.

Is OfferUp a Scam?

That word is commonly used in conversations every day. If it has to do with the Internet, then it’s a scam. If it tries to help people, then it’s a scam.

Additionally, if it makes money, then it’s definitely a scam. OfferUp scams are no different from CL scams. We’ve been potential victims of one of the most popular scams (but we’d been warned, so we didn’t fall for it):

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The Cashier’s Check Scam

Let’s say you’re selling a microwave oven. You’d bought one not knowing your kids chipped in for one for your birthday. So you decide to sell it on OfferUp.

A buyer messages you. He’s in another state and can’t travel to your home to pick up the microwave. He’ll send you a cashier’s check for the full amount. He wants you to use $100 of the money to UPS the microwave to him. When you receive the check, you bank it. Taking the $100, you contact UPS for shipping. The bank calls to tell you that the cashier’s check was fraudulent and your account is overdrawn.

Moral of the story: automatically reject any offers of payment with a cashier’s check; they can be manipulated.

The Pushy Seller Scam

You’re looking through OfferUp apk and see a car you just have to have or you’ll be depressed. You message the seller and settle on a price and delivery date and place. You receive another message from the seller shortly thereafter stating that the delivery date and place had been moved up because they were under the gun and had to move the car for some undisclosed reason. This makes you feel pressured. Then you find another message stating that “as I told you”, s/he had to move this car and they would pay the shipping if you would just buy the car right now.

Moral of the story: most sellers want you to test drive the car. Pushy behavior is suspect and raises a red flag. Don’t do it.

OfferUp isn’t a scam. It’s an honest marketplace with good people buying and selling. As mentioned above, some people use honest businesses with which to scam people. Be aware and ask questions.

So Does Craigslist Have Anything to Worry About?

Back in the day, any business without an online presence was behind the times and possibly going out of business. In today’s world, any business without a mobile presence is in the same boat. Grab a paddle, CL.

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