Productivity Tip: Use Microsoft’s Clock app to maximise your productivity

Productivity Tip: Use Microsoft’s Clock app to maximise your productivity

A person of the most underrated productivity applications that come pre-set up on your Computer system and your mobile cellphone is the clock application On Windows ten, this application is named Alarms & Clocks, and serves as a Planet Clock, Alarm, Timer and Stopwatch for end users of the working program.

For the intent of this post, we’ll be looking at the timer application, and some of the ways it can improve your productivity. Setting a timer is a great way to help on your own get alongside with a activity, even far more than a to-do checklist does. It constrains you, and provides you an notion of how a lot time you’re basically investing on specified duties.

There are several ways 1 can use the timer function to be productive, but it all relies upon on on your own. A person of the most well known procedures of timing on your own is the Pomodoro Procedure. The Pomodoro timing system is constructed around allowing for the consumer a specified total of time for a activity — normally 25 minutes. A break really should then be established, preferably for 5 minutes. You can repeat this up to 4 periods, in advance of using a break for twenty-thirty minutes. The notion is to continually commit to a regular tempo of function of a mounted total of time, with breaks to account for psychological fatigue.
While there are many applications in the Windows Shop which imitate the Pomodoro system, with the constructed-in Microsoft timer, all you need to have do is established two timers. A person timer can be established to account for the function interval, an additional timer clocks the breaks, and you are in essence covered for the most part.
You also have the versatility to design and style your have timing schedules and break procedures around your have private desires, and you get to continue to keep your storage place. For example, when producing limited standard information parts, I are likely to established a three-moment timer to develop a 1st draft which I then edit into shape and lower down. Any for a longer period and I suspect I might eliminate fascination and transfer on to an additional subject matter. This is a private example of how timers have served me exercise willpower when doing work and carrying out producing-relevant duties.

You can examine a very little far more about the Pomodoro system and time-management here if you’re interested.

Random Cooking Tip: Setting timers are also practical for cooking, particularly if you usually prepare dinner the similar dishes above and above once again. You could simply just established numerous timers on your Windows Computer system, or timer application on your Android and Apple iphone. These then serve as pre-sets which you can then result in them when required. It seems a little bit banal, but many applications are constructed on the premise of you being as well lazy to variety in the average time it will take to boil an egg into your cellphone or pill.

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